About us

Sirirí birds are found all over Colombia. It is always easy to spot them because of their colorful feathers and characteristic singing, which sounds similar to their name. Since they always defend themselves and particularly their offsprings very vigorously, very persistent people in Colombia are colloquially called “Sirirí”.

After working at a couple of sales departments in Colombian companies, I moved abroad. My expertise and passion for fashion gave me the idea of bringing handmade Colombian fashion to Europe, and I could not think of a better name than Sirirí to describe a project made out of persistence, Colombian roots with style and charm. 

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Our commitment

Sirirí's commitment is to sell real Colombian fashion, handmade by Colombian artisans in Colombia. Sirirí’s goal is, therefore, to give the finest Colombian touch to your outfits!


You can write an inbox through our Facebook page or send a email to contact@siriri.co